Common Mistakes To Avoid During Summer Workout


Sweating out is very common in the summer heat and some common lapses can also lead to dangerous health risks. With scorching humidity and rising temperature, you should be aware of what not to do to keep yourself safe and improve your performance. 

Of course, winter and spring seasons cage you indoors; here is the list of some common workout mistakes before you head into outdoor training. 

Not Drinking Water Until You Feel Thirsty 

Summers mean you have to stay hydrated for the proper functioning of the body. So don’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink fluids. Exercising in summer means your body is using water to standardize the temperature.

When you are not taking enough fluids, fatigue can reduce the efficiency of your body, and hence, the performance gets reduced. Always keep a bottle of water with you while going for long workouts. Also, drink a glass before heading out. 

It is also essential to recognize that not all liquids are created equally. Starting your day with coffee can be a good way of waking up, but this technique will not keep you hydrated. Sipping coffee or any other caffeine can act as a diuretic and cause more fluid loss than usual if consumed before a workout. 

Not Using Sunscreen 

You can’t judge the intensity of summer heat from indoors. It can hit you hard! When heading outdoors, always wear a sweat-proof of 30 or higher sunscreen! Also, reapply it after every two hours for constraining exercise, and 45-60 minutes during energetic fitness. 

The sun rays are so harmful that each time we burn, we surge our risk for skin cancer. A bad sunburn can even double the risk of malignant melanoma, which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

Do Not Check The Clock 

When you go out for training, you should remember that the sun’s temperature rises earlier in the day. What best you can do for your body is avoid exercising outdoors between the duration of morning to sharp afternoon, as this is the hottest time.

During this situation, you should be staying indoors under the cooling of installed air conditioning Sydney to relax. 

The best time to exercise outdoors is the bright and early morning or during the cooler evening hours before hitting the pull. When given the option, go with a shaded path to avoid direct exposure to the sun.

Cranking Up The Peak

Many of us are fond of mountains! Before you go from treadmill to route, you need to keep in mind that the outdoors is different. You will come across pollution and air quality, altitude is another main thing.

High altitude, about 5,000 feet or above will bring up the challenge as compared to sea level exercises.

This is because the mountains have less oxygen available there. If you are considering starting your outdoor journey, keep it on level ground and ease into confronting climbs.

Wearing Imprudent Clothing 

When you are stepping outdoors for exercise, don’t go with skin-hugging outfits or a smell-saving polyester blend as it is a bad choice. Instead of this, you can beat the heat by wearing loose-fitting and light color clothes.

Go with cotton blends so that they can absorb the moisture post-workout stench. Choose a breathable commodity that wicks away the sweat and keeps your body cool. 

Taking Your Pet With You 

It is always a great idea to log a few miles with your pet once the weather warms up, but the high summer temperature and moisture can be harmful to dogs. The dogs feel higher than humans due to all that fur and naturally high body temperature.

Moreover, their main defense mechanism – panting, becomes less effective when there is high humidity outdoors.

During extremely hot days, consider leaving your favorite pet friend at home so that they can rest comfortably under ducted air conditioning in Sydney until the temperature cools down.

Skimping On Electrolytes 

High temperature means more sweat, which means more electrolyte loss. If you are heading to some serious workout outdoors, you need to recover the loss with more than just water. 

To achieve so, focus on the drinks that replace sodium, but skip all the artificial ingredients and added sugars on these popular sports drinks. Take coconut water, natural cherry juice, or chocolate milk as a healthy option – make sure to check the label for added sugars. 

Overdoing Of Stuff 

We all want a fit body, but going all out once summer hits can be a mistake. Pushing too hard in the beginning, thinking of two-a-day workouts and hours of cardio is the simplest way to burn out the calories and bring your fitness adventure to a halt. 

Doing exercise in the summer heat can make it easy to brush off the whacking feeling, but being tired is something you should neglect.

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