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Death Note is considered by many to be one of the best animated series out there. It tells the story of a young man who prepares a list of some people in a black notebook and gradually kills each of them. With this scenario, a firefight of psychological strategies will begin. And, it will engage you in the tensive environment and take you to the limit of thinking like this character of Death Note.

The spectacular nature of this series is that it is very controversial, unique, and original. In its development, themes, such as justice, human nature, death, and the essence of good and evil, are touched. For this very reason, much public enthusiasm for Japanese anime merchandise has developed, like the anime merch of Death Note. These reasons and level of popularity will leave you wanting to finish seeing it in its entirety since you finish the first chapter of this majestic series. Therefore, we are going to present you with a list of animes to watch if you liked Death Note.

Similar manga to Death Note

This article is written 14 years after it ended. So, we will be able to see the series that are quite similar in the coming years. The expected similar series may develop your crazy desire to continue watching a little more Death Note.


Psycho-Pass is a Japanese cyberpunk psychological thriller anime television series. It is not easy to understand for many people. However, it is excellent for those who want to see animes similar to Death Note. Psycho-Pass is a scanner that makes it possible to judge people who have a profile of potential criminals in the long term.  If anyone surpasses the qualifications of this scanner, they will automatically begin to be persecuted by a group of executors.

In particular, the executors are made up of ruthless criminals and led by the police. So, imagine being charged as a sociopath and even risking being convicted without ever committing a crime.  Over the course of the chapters, you will realize a conflict between moral aspects and human nature. So, this is why it is a series that you cannot stop watching.


It is a series that bases its story on a neurosurgeon known as Kenso Tena. During the beginning, this character makes the decision to save the life of a child in exchange for the life of a very influential politician.  As the boy grows up, he becomes a murderous psychopath, forcing Kenso to search for him to stop him.


Shiki is another anime series similar to Death Note that you will surely like. In this series, a family moves to a small village named Sotoba. What is striking is that since the arrival of this family, some mysterious deaths begin to occur.  The only doctor available at Sotoba village hospital thinks it is an epidemic. Over time, his investigations lead him to discover other reasons that will capture your mind during each chapter.

Code Geass

If you finished watching Death Note and wanted to see something similar, Code Geass is a good one like Death Note.  This is an exciting series telling the story of a man. After a war started by the monarch, the man suffers the death of his spouse, while his daughter is disabled and unable to see.  This will lead him to revenge with the help of a power called Geass. So, he will gather an army to start a rebellion and keep you engaged throughout the series.

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You will find various themes, as mentioned earlier, along with the essence of good and evil. We also hope that this Blog will help you develop your interest in watching Death Note and all similar series. Which one are you going to start with? We have mentioned animes, which are based on certain parts of the Death Note series. So, stay with our Blog, and we will keep you informed of all the coming series.

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