How To Keep Cool Without Air Conditioner | 5 Best Tips

How To Keep Cool Without Air Conditioner

If you live in a place that has hot summers, you know how hard it is to stay cool. You can lower the thermostat, open windows, drink lots of water, and turn on fans. But air conditioning is the best way to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. However, not everyone can afford air conditioning or make do without it. The cooling of the temperature is something that affects our lives so much. If you are wondering how to keep your house cool without Air Conditioning, it is due to the AC Installation.

1. Close up your house to keep cool

The AC is the best way to keep your home cool. When it is hot outside, open up all of the windows and doors so that air can come inside. Do not open up your windows and doors when it is cold outside.

  1. Place air filters under all of the windows so they are facing the sun.
  2. Turn on a fan or air conditioner to make it cooler or warmer inside your house.
  3. Put plants around the house to make it nicer and more beautiful, and also to take in some of the bad smells/smoke from outside that you can’t change.
  4. Set your water heater at 72 degrees so you don’t have to use as much energy heating up water for showers and dishes, etc., but be careful not to set it too high because then things might get moldy!
  5. Place a fan near a window on one side of your house if you want it warmer there, or if you need air and a cool breeze.

If your AC is broken, just open the vents in your house and turn on the AC. Turn off the fans so that cold air stays in one place. Then move from room to room to let cool air into each area of your home until you are comfortable again.

2. Stay hydrated and take cool showers

We need water to live. The water we drink and we get from food is not enough. We also lose water through sweat and other things. If you want healthy skin, you must stay hydrated! Here are five ways to do that:

1) Drink lots of fluids

2) Have a glass of cold water before going to bed at night

3) Keep a bottle of cold or room-temperature water in the fridge with your lunch

4) Use wet wipes in place of toilet paper when possible

5) Take showers instead of baths

1. Stay Warm While Keeping Cold at Bay

In the summer, it is hot. That also means that in the winter it can be cold. You can stay warm by wearing a coat and scarf or by shivering for a little bit of time if needed. If you want to stay dry in the winter, put hand cream on your hands and face so they don’t get wet and dry them off really quick. If you want to be extra insulated, wear layers so that you are always wearing something warmer than what you were wearing before!

2. Cold Weather Sleep

To stay cool, you need to sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body will not be able to keep itself warm. You will need to use more energy and your core temperature will drop. Try and get at least eight hours of sleep each night so that your core temperature stays where it needs to be. If your workplace is very cold, try to work in a room with fewer drafts.

3. Hydrate

Drinking plenty of water helps your body to retain water, which helps you to cool down after a difficult day or night’s work. Keep a big glass by your side at all times. You can also use a water jug. Both of these items will help you drain the extra fluids out of your system and also help you to stay hydrated.

4. Keep a Steady Workout

Chances are, there are some cool workouts you enjoy doing. Whenever you go out for a run or play, power up your legs and your heart rate a little.

People in hot climates tend to eat ice cream and popsicles more often than people in cold climates. This is because ice cream and popsicles can help cool down the body. Eating these things feels good and makes you feel cooler. Try making a batch of popsicles every summer.


Think of a hot car as being a 400-degree oven. Cars with windows that have plenty of air, like black ones, will stay cool because it wants to fill up with air the one hand, a car with just a small window or no window will cool down quickly because all the air in it is hotter than the outside air. It is like when you throw your hands in your hot car. If you need to quickly close the door to get out, then the inside of your car will cool because it needs to circulate. Plus, your car can take in a lot of heat. If you keep a hot car in your garage, then this means that you are sucking up all that heat and it won’t help you cool down anymore.

Try not to be in the car or garage. If you are, then close the door and lock it all the way with a deadbolt. Staying outside will cool you off quicker.

Create a social space with people who live close by. Neighborhoods that are sociable usually have a lot of people outside. Your friends will be in the neighborhood and you can sit around in the garage and have some drinks.

 4. Go for a swim in a pool or lake

Go to a pool or lake. If you live near water that is clean enough, go for a swim. Swimming is a great way to exercise because it engages many muscle groups in your body. You can also evaporate sweat from your body by using evaporation rings that you move in the water. At least once a week, you can cool off by getting into the pool or on the lakeside. Having an air-conditioned room is good for the consumer.


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