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Custom Cereal Boxes
Custom Cereal Boxes

Ever since I watched a show about child obesity and diabetics on television, I have started cutting down on the number of custom cereal boxes that come to our house. It was not easy because most of my family members, especially kids, poured milk and cereal from their favorite custom cereal boxes in the morning. But slowly and gradually, we made healthy changes in our diet plans and breakfast as a family.

We talked about it with our kids and made them realize the significance of consuming the right ingredients. Initially, they were too young to understand and too confused by the abrupt changes. Then thankfully, a seminar was held at their school premises discussing child obesity, where parents were invited, and pediatricians gave many tips to them for making healthy changes to their lives.

We decided on a few rules and wrote them out on a piece of paper that went on the fridge door using a magnet. This way, it remained visible at all times for all members. Anyone who took cereals from the custom printed cereal boxes had to be careful with the portions they consumed. We noticed that our kids poured more milk than cereal in their bowls. As a result, when the cereal finished, milk was still left in the bowls.

Most times kids ended up adding more cereal to this milk. They did this out of habit and not because they were hungry. So we asked our kids to fill their bowls with cereal from their favorite custom printed cereal boxes first. By doing this, they consumed lesser as they poured milk on top according to their taste and requirement, and once they reached the bottom of the bowl, they felt fuller.

As I researched about the cereals some more, I came across wonderful upcycling projects that can be completed using the empty custom cereal packaging boxes.

Craft projects with custom cereal packaging boxes

The great thing about these projects is that an individual of any age can enjoy them. I have started involving my kids in such activities. It helps them learn about the various ways to introduce greener solutions into their lives. Last week, we made bookmarks for my kids’ best friends. It helps me spend quality time with my kids and bond with them. This project is very simple. To start;

  1. Open the bottom of the box and carefully cut it from one side so the box can lie flat.
  2. Use a pen or marker to trace the shape and size bookmark you want
  3. For straight lines, use a ruler or trace around another bookmark

Upcycling cereal packaging boxes are ideal for reducing litter and reusing packaging. Cardboard-based packaging is a blessing for our planet as it does not harm the environment or living creatures. They are easy to customize using offset printing techniques and inventive layouts. The packaging industry is now manufacturing anti-theft boxes in cardboard as well.

How to reduce the serving size from cereal packaging boxes

Over time we learned to reduce the amount of cereal, it is better to add healthy topping to it. So, we switched to fresh fruits and berries. But my kids preferred nuts, which turned out to be an ideal option for me. While they add a handful of nuts to their cereals, I alternate between fresh fruits and chia seeds. Sometimes I also add shredded coconut for that much-needed fiber and protein boost that my body needs.

Getting the best of custom cereal boxes

Cereals are the favorite breakfast option in America. If you are a cereal brand searching for custom cereal boxes, then check out the cardboard boxes range created by California-based ClipnBox packaging company.