3 Best Impact Driver Sets Reviews in 2021


1. Makita B-52370 Impact Gold Torsion Bit Set (38 Piece)

Style features

The set is a true testimony to the quality Makita can provide. There are 38 bits specifically made to avoid cam-out and stripping. At the same time, you can understand the features of the premium Neodymium magnet for its more robust efficiency. That is why we recommend the best impact driver sets for expert usage.

A precision-fit tip is present on all bits. It avoids cam-out and additional damage. That is why the set is likewise amongst the Makita alternatives to consider added resilience, even with the most accurate tasks. All bits include Makita’s Extreme Torsion Technology. That permits high torque and the use of the bits even with the most effective impact drivers. The bits will not rust as quickly as much of the options at the exact cost.

While all of these style attributes play their part, numerous users feel the distinction has sturdiness based upon torsion innovation. Because multiple bits break with time, Makita has managed to create a torsion innovation that can lead to a 10x longer life for the bits. Of course, this is not dependent on insert bits, socket adapters, or nut setters.

Double-end bits are there. They feature the advantage of linking straight into the impact driver without any additional holder. The bits are unique as they have a distinct manufacturing procedure. There are five stages of production which they must travel through, and this suggests they even go through a correction process for the ultimate engineering excellence. Even these double-ended bits are made particularly for the impact driver.

Convenient features

Apart from the particular making process, the set is generally hassle-free due to magnetic efficiency. Even though the Neodymium magnet is more expensive than regular magnets, this can indicate users get to conserve more in the future as they will not need to change their impact driver bits as often.

At the same time, some users have kept in mind that maintenance is also a bit easier on the set than anticipated. An original detachable nut setter is there, which enables the socket to get eliminated. Magnets are easily cleanable. In the long term, this indicates extra toughness as the magnets can operate at total capacity.

Another convenient function has the set’s design. It is pretty compact. On numerous websites, this likewise implies workers can slide it into a pocket to have the best bit at hand when required. Its practical nature is also worth thinking about, particularly given that it makes good usage of the area inside the case.


It has one of the most durable torsion control styles. The impact driver set is an advised expert option.


  • Accuracy fit suggestion design.
  • Special Extreme Torsion innovation.
  • It consists of quality steel.
  • Includes 2-tip styles.


  • Magnet on the hex adapter requires improvement.

2. Irwin Tools 34-Piece Impact Series Automotive Fastener Drive Bit Set

Design features

The set is one of Irwin Tools’ brand-new releases. It is part of the Fastener Drive Bits series. Most alternative bits on the market have the same issue, which users confirm as well. Manufacturing durable bits is challenging. That is why most bits on the marketplace are relatively weak, even when utilized sometimes. Irwin Tools established a simple solution and allowed users to rely on the bits even under high torque.

The bits have a milled procedure. For users, this implies their fit transcends. That reduces possible damages to the bolts and screws, and it likewise increases the sturdiness of the bits. Irwin Tools based this manufacturing innovation on cold-created steel. That is why the bits resist high torque. Of course, this indicates they can be installed on any impact driver, be it from Dewalt, Makita, or Bosch.

With long and brief bits, users have the alternative of choosing the ideal style for hard-to-reach locations. Simultaneously, given that they feature a has requirement of quality, they will not damage screws, even when the longer bits are in use.

Hassle-free functions

The sets’ consisted of bits that feature Phillips bits, socket adapters, nut setters, etc. Their use can differ from installations to construction or cars and truck mechanics. Each bit comes with its markings. All of the bits include a corrosion-resistant finish. When unused bits would merely rust away while in storage, gone are the days.

Most significantly, the bits are mainly impacting chauffeurs. Their sturdiness under torque is what matters in this case. The typical user can last as much as a couple of years if dealt with regularly. Created for superior fit, they must also provide more accurate outcomes, mainly in the apanage of professionals.


With forged steel quality and additional black oxide finish attention, the set is among the options that driver owners can consider for durability.


  • It has a practical case.
  • It maintains a high standard.
  • It mainly matches with impact chauffeurs.
  • Applicability in the car industry.


It doesn’t include T25 or a T30.

3. Dewalt FlexTorq 31-Piece Impact Driver Bit Set

Style functions

Dewalt fans are currently familiar with the FkexTorq’s capabilities. Its reliability enables users to think about the bits for impact driver work. The maximum torque resistance is one of the essential parts of the impact driver, corded or cordless. That is why users acknowledge the bits for their long-life reliability. The prolonged torsion zone is what provides versatility regarding metal and wood.

Simply as with other Dewalt bits, the set maintains the CNC machined production procedure. With accurate fit, this is likewise among the feature professionals like the most about the bits as they are easy to utilize with recess screw. The very same bits again have great versatility. They may break eventually. However, they come with a 15-degree flexion which lowers the chances of this occurring.

Practical functions

When utilizing the most exemplary impact driver, dropping bits can be irritating even. That is why numerous users choose to use Dewalt’s bits, including the 10x magnetic screw lock sleeve. This magnetic function makes it possible for users to deal with one hand with increased confidence freely.

As one of the affordable Dewalt designs, you can think of the set as a one-stop option for all impact driver needs. Simultaneously, it can be among the most effortless services when it concerns practicality as it features such a compact case. Why would use select the set compared to other top bits? The FlexTorq and the Reflex Core strengths are what distinguish the set from its rivals.


With a bit of selection of high-quality bits, we suggest the set for Dewalt fans who desire the Reflex core adaptability.


  • It has a base upon the FlexTorq responsiveness.
  • It provides Reflex Core 15-degree versatility.
  • 10x magnetic screw lock sleeve.


-It is not as versatile as the DWA2T40IR.

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